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Clarity - Greenville, S.C.

speech hearing and learning center greenville sc

Clarity is a not-for-profit agency, serving children and adults for more than 67 years. We provide speech & language, learning & psychology, hearing & audiology assessment and treatment. All professional services are provided by our staff of university trained, licensed and/or certified professionals.

Formerly known as The Speech, Hearing and Learning center, the mission of Clarity is to diagnose and treat individuals with speech, hearing, learning challenges with care and respect. Clarity has been helping people in our community since 1948.

Greenville SHLCImagine your child's frustration at not being able to tell his family what he needs, or what fun he had that day. Imagine that you are that child's grandparent and you can't understand what your spouse is saying, or that the laughter of your family irritates you because you think they may be laughing about you! Imagine you are in elementary school and are having difficulty keeping up with your class, no matter how hard you and your parents work.

We help people solve problems. For over 65 years, Clarity has been a community resource for children, adolescents and adults with concerns about speech, language, learning and hearing. Our audiologists, speech and language pathologists and psychologists evaluate, diagnose and treat individual problems so that you may realize your potential.

Now, imagine your relief at finding a place to help you or your child. Please call (864-331-1400) or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Clarity today.